Monday, August 30, 2010

Peterson Directed Handwriting

Are your children having problems learning how to write their letters? Then Peterson Directed Handwriting may be just what you need.

We were given three different levels of handwriting: kindergarten, first grade and second grade.

In Kindergarten Print the three objectives are:
providing daily exercises to learn and internalize the proper sequence of movements.
provide regular opportunity to take letter lesson into your reading lesson.
collect and track fluency with a timed test.

The daily lesson procedure is :
illustrate and describe
air writing
write and say

In Grade One Print the student will continue to develop patterns, practice them and apply the concepts by turning the letters to words.

In Printing Fluently the student will work on mastering writing position and rhythmic movement.

The On Your Mark Game is played by placing a pencil on the circle, the student closing his/her eyes and writing the letter that is verbally given.

What I Like: I thought it was a lot of fun to say the steps out loud as we worked to write the letters. It was an excellent way to see how many of the different letters have the same steps/strokes.

What I Dislike: There was nothing I disliked. We were using both Kindergarten and Grade one at the same time, so we had to pick the same letter to work on, otherwise it was too difficult to say the strokes for two different letters at the same time.

What B (age six) Likes and Dislikes: I like learning to write letters. I dislike saying it because it is too hard to concentrate on writing the letter.

What C (age 4) Likes and Dislikes: I like finger tracing. I don't like saying it out loud.

Age Appeal: Kindergarten Print, ages 4-5; Grade One Print, age 6; Printing Fluently, age 7; On Your Mark Game, any age

Vendor Information: Peterson Directed Handwriting; 2010; e-book; $19.95/level; On Your Mark Game price unavailable

Vendor Contact Information:, phone number (724) 837-4900

More Available Products: Software to use on tablets, cursive handwriting products and many more

Disclaimer Statement: I received this product free for reviewing purposes.


  1. Wonderful review. You explained everything really well, and I really like your "What I Liked" and "What I disliked" section. Great job!

  2. I enjoyed reading it. I'm supposed to be somewhere else in a minute but I stuck to reading the story. I like the quality of your blog :D