Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Answers Book for Teens Volume 1 by Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge, Dr. Tommy Mitchell

imageGenre- Religion/Religion & Science, Topical/Teen

Authors- Ken Ham, and Bodie Hodge, Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Published by- Master Books, A Division of New Leaf Publishing Group

Copyrighted- 2011

Number of pages- 96

Age Group- 13-17

Description of book- paperback, list price $14.99, ISBN: 978-0-89051-622-5

Are you looking for answers to questions about God, then look at this book that answers 15 commonly asked questions.

Topics include:

  • How do we know the Bible is true?
  • Who is more believable- creationists or evolutionists?
  • Why should we listen to God about sex?

Link to Preview.

About the Authors-

Dr. Tommy Mitchell has degrees in biology and biochemistry and is a speaker and writer for Answers in Genesis.  He enjoys sharing the creation/gospel message with teens.

Ken Ham is CEO/president of Answers in Genesis. He uses apologetics to communicate biblical truth and historical facts.

Bodie Hodge is a speaker, writer and researcher for Answers in Genesis USA.

My Thoughts-

When I received this book I was disappointed when I saw so many illustrations and just a little bit of text.  I was very surprised and pleased when I started reading the questions and answers.

Each question was one that many teens have and the answers were very complete and thought provoking.  My favorite question was the last one.  “Why would God ever want to save someone as messed up as me?”  It is also the most important question.  Many people young and old think that they are unable to come to God.  They don’t realize that that is when God wants us the most.

I highly recommend this book.

Disclosure- I received Answers Book for Teens for free from Master Books.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.  I’m disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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