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Science4Us.com: a Science Curriculum for Kindergarten to Second Grade (Review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew)

We received Science4Us.com for review purposes!

Product Links: Science4Us.com Online Subscription

Vendor Contact Information: Science4Us.com

Age Appeal: Kindergarten- Second Grade

Format: Online Subscription for computer, will be available for iPad in 2014

Price: $7.95 per child per month

Are you looking for a fun science program that gives both online instruction and hands-on activities? 

Science4Us.com provides over 350 online lessons, hands-on activities, and worksheets.  It uses the 5E Inquiry-Based Instructional Model of engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate.  It also integrates math and literacy with the online and offline activities.

Our Experience: 

B and C were really excited when we got the e-mail with the usernames and passwords.  They wanted to login and get to work! 

They have had quite a bit of experience in the past with science, so I thought the offline activities might not add much for them.  I found that I was right.  I decided to let them just jump right in and explore and absorb all of the great information that was being presented.

B started with physical science and C with inquiry.  They had so much fun the first day learning about the different activities, such as explore and engage, and meeting the different characters that it was difficult to get them to stop.  I was so glad to see that they were having fun and learning a lot.

On some days I would give them assignments and we would do some of the second grade science worksheets, if I felt it would add to the online activities.  They would typically work for around 30 minutes on activities five days a week.  During the time we have worked on Science4Us.com, B and C were able to explore and learn about physical science, life science, inquiry (what tools do what job), and earth/space science. 

I learned more about science when I explored my teacher’s account.  I was able to watch the videos and fill out the notecards like the children did.   On my teacher’s account I was also able to keep track of what and how the children were doing on their activities and tests.  I was even able to look at their notecards and make suggestions to them.

Mama’s Thoughts:

  • I thought Science4Us.com was an excellent review for B.  It was very good second grade science curriculum for C.  When it wasn’t even school time C asked if she could work on her assignments.
  • The second grade science lesson plans were well written and planned out.  They would work perfectly for someone who didn’t have a lot of time to make their own lesson plans.
  • I liked the wide variety of subjects taught.  The children could pick from physical, life, or earth/space science.
  • The notecards were very helpful, because I was able to see how well the children were learning and if they needed extra help.  The children are excited to print them out, so they can keep them as a record of what they accomplished.
  • As I look back on the time the children have spent with Science4Us.com, I think they have learned more from the online activities than the offline second grade worksheets and activities.
  • It would be helpful for me if the program would lock after the assignments were done.  C would always move on after she had finished the assignments.
  • The teacher’s account was very informative.  It had all the lessons that the children were working on, the offline activities and worksheets, and information on how I could teach the lesson.

B’s Thoughts (boy, age 10, officially in fourth grade):   

I really liked Science4Us.com.  My favorite book was Physical Science.  I learned a lot about Physics, like electricity, energy transformations, and simple machines.

I really liked being able to use the notebook.  I was able to make a really funny bird.  I made a Venn Diagram about cats and dogs.  The notebook pages can be printed.  I’m going to have my mom print out the notebook pages so I can look at them when I want to. 

The Glossary was also nice, because I could look up words if  I didn’t know them. 

I didn’t really like “SillyBulls.”  It was too easy for me.

I would recommend this product for all ages.

C’s Thoughts (girl, age 8, officially in second grade): 

I think Science4Us.com would be good for people of all ages. 

I really liked the “Brainy Bots” activity.  It was fun answering the questions that were given to me.  I like “Shade and Shine” in the Physical Science book under the module Energy Sources.

My favorite book was Life Science.  I learned about eco awareness, living and nonliving, and habitats.  

I didn’t like “SillyBulls,” because it was too easy for me.  Most of the words were under four syllables, so it was easy to put them together.

Dad’s Thoughts:

I like the layout of the Sience4Us.com webpage. It's easy to navigate and pleasant on the eyes. The lessons are well presented with just the right amount of information and activity to keep kids interested. The notebook is a good means of journaling for the kids and provides the teacher/parents a means of tracking the lesson progression and activity completion. I also like that feedback can be given through the notebook to students.

Overall I enjoyed exploring Science4Us.com and my children enjoyed it as well. I recommend this to parents wanting to boost a science education for their children.

Mama highly recommends Science4Us.com!

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