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The Climbing Knights Game (Schoolhouse Review Crew Review!)

I’m reviewing The Climbing Knights, one of four of SimplyFun new releases.


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Vendor Information Link: SimplyFun

Age Appeal: Ages 8 and up

Format: Three-dimensional board game over 29 inches in height for two to four people

Price: $40

 It’s tournament time and the King’s knights need to climb to the castle and retrieve their coat of arms.  There are two Guards (black and gray) who want to send you back to the beginning.  The winner of the title, King’s Climber, is the knight who collects their two coats of arms first.

This game includes a castle to assemble, four magnetic knights, one Black Guard and one Gray Guard, eight coats of arms, three dice, and the instructions.

This game will help your children with spatial reasoning, strategy, and fine motor skills.

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Our Experience: 

Our family enjoys playing different educational family games.  The Climbing Knights game was no different.

It was snowing and extra cold outside.  A perfect time for game playing.  B and C were really excited when the box arrived.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when the UPS driver handed me the large heavy box.  The children opened the box, took out the paper, and pulled out the game.  The game box was colorful and strong.  I thought that was good, because the game would be too. 

The children immediately opened the box and put the castle together.  They played two games that first time.  They had a lot of fun rolliing the dice and moving their knights and the Black guard and Gray guard.

Our whole family has had fun playing since then.  We have played The Climbing Knights at least a couple times per week.   

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Mama’s Thoughts:

  • I really like how well this family game is built.  Each piece of the castle is strong and thick.  Each level of the castle fit snuggly together and didn’t fall over when we were moving our knights.  I liked the color design as well.
  • When I first started playing this game, I thought it didn’t take much strategy.  I was wrong.  It took more strategy than luck.  When I couldn’t see where the Guards were on the castle, I had to think about where to move to avoid them.  I didn’t want to be seen.  Sometimes I did take more luck than strategy if we were ready to slide down at the same time.
  • The instructions state that this game takes thirty minutes to play.  It took us longer than that.  That was okay for us, but it is something to think about when planning to play.
  • The instructions were easy to follow and had great illustrations.  The only question I had was about sliding down the tower.  Can the knights slide down when the guard is sleeping, or do they need to wait for the guard to go around the corner?
  • This game is really tall.  It’s best played on the floor or a short table.  It was hard for us to reach the black guard when we played the game on our dining table.  It was also hard to see our opponent’s locations.
  • It was a fun game for our family. 

B’s Thoughts (boy, age 12, officially in sixth grade):   

I really liked The Climbing Knights game.  I thought it was a fun family game.  I liked the fact that it was a three-dimensional game that stood over 29 inches tall.  I thought it was cool that it was magnetic and that you could move your pieces, and they stuck on the board.  I thought the castle was good quality.  I relished that there were four cool colors to choose from, red, green, yellow, and blue. 

I highly recommend The Climbing Knights game.

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C’s Thoughts (girl, age 10, officially in fourth grade):

  • I really like The Climbing Knights game.
  • I think it would be good for children younger than me.
  • The Guards can be frustrating sometimes.  They catch you when you least expect it.
  • I liked the green knight.  He was lucky for me.

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Dad’s Thoughts:

I liked The Climbing Knights game.  It’s a simple objective that requires just enough strategy yet provides obstacles to make it a challenge.

The game board and pieces are built for a long life.  The only thing I’m concerned about is the top tower.  While it fits nicely into place it is rather easy to topple over during game play.  A pin through each bottom tab would solve the problem.

The other thing I would like to see added is a turntable for the game base.  It would be nice to be able to see what your opponents are doing on the other side of the castle.

Otherwise I found The Climbing Knights game fun and entertaining, and I highly recommend you add it to your game night.

Mama highly recommends The Climbing Knights from SimplyFun!

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