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Circle C Beginnings- Andi’s Fair Surprise


Product: Andi’s Fair Surprise by Susan K. Marlow and illustrated by Leslie Gammelgaard, copyright 2011

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Age Appeal: 6-8

Format: paperback book, ISBN 978-0-8254-4184-4

Price: $4.99

1874 California, is where Andi Carter lives on the Circle C Ranch with her family.  It is time for the state fair, but she can’t take her pony, Taffy.  Will the fair be fun?  How can it be if she can’t win a ribbon like the rest of her family?   Read the book to find out about the train ride to Sacramento and Andi’s fun at the fair.

Please go here for a link to chapter one and on the cover of the book to see the activity pages!Circle,C,Kregel,Susan,Marlow

The author, Susan K. Marlow, enjoys teaching writing workshops.  She lives in Washington state.

The illustrator Leslie Gammelgaard also lives in Washington state and is artistically inspired by her granddaughter.


Our Experience:

B was excited to to read this book.  He had read the first chapter and he couldn’t wait to finish the book.  After B finished the book, I read the book to both of them as a bedtime story.  Both B and C enjoyed the story.

I then printed out the activity sheets and we spent a couple of days working on the activities and coloring the pictures.  B and C enjoyed learning more about the parts of a train engine and different exhibits at the fair. 

What I Liked:

  • The book has large print with pictures, so it is fun for beginning readers to read.
  • The activity books that go with the books.
  • This book is about character building.

What I Disliked:

  • The negative attitude towards sheep as Andi’s family had cattle.

What B (boy, age seven, officially in first grade) Liked and Disliked: I liked Andi’s Fair Surprise.  There were activity pages available from the internet that contained information about steam engines.  In the book, Andi wants to take Taffy to the fair and Chad, her big brother says she can’t.  At the fair she does the ring toss, hoping to win a hat with a red feather.  I think this book is very good for kids my age, because Andi gets a surprise.


What C (girl, age five, working on kindergarten) Liked and Disliked: I loved Andi’s Fair Surprise!  It was fun to listen to Momma read it.  I liked that Andi almost got the black sheep and went on a train ride.  They got to sleep in a hotel.  The activity sheets and coloring pages were fu-un.  I had fun giving the character ribbons, from the activity pages, to my family.  This is a good book for parents to read to kids my age.  

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I would recommend Andi’s Fair Surprise. For more reviews go to The Homeschool Crew review page.

Disclaimer: I received Andi’s Fair Surprise for free for review purposes through The Homeschool Crew. All links were current when posted.

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  1. Thanks for your lovely review of Fair Surprise. I really liked the kids' mini-reviews as well. It's so fun to read what kids say.

    And, well, I'm sorry, but I burst out laughing at your "What I disliked." I couldn't help it. It was the first time I've ever heard that kind of a "dislike" for a book. I'm glad that's the only thing. LOL

    Do you have sheep? And really, when you think about it, mostly it was Chad who didn't like the sheep. Not the whole family. He-he.
    (Still chuckling) And I think the whole Bible lost sheep and Jesus loving sheep maybe counteracts the "no sheep here" attitude. Maybe? :-)

    We raised sheep for a number of years. I like lambs, but honestly, I don't like sheep at all! I'm with Chad! They are smelly and you've got to figure out how to get all that wool off and you have to get somebody out there to do it, and . . . I tried giving our sheep a bath once. What a disaster! And our lamb bled to death because we were too poor to buy an elastrator and do it the right way so we did it the old farmers' way . . . with a knife and string. Boy, were WE DUMB!!!!

    Thanks for giving me a chuckle. I really enjoyed your post.

    I like chickens best. You can read my opinion about livestock here:

    Blessings and thanks again,