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Mad Dog Math


Product: Mad Dog Math

Vendor Contact Information:

Mad Dog Math

4562 Ocana Avenue

Lakewood, CA 907013

Contact us page

Phone- (562)533-5772

Age Appeal: kindergarten to 5th grade primarily and up

Format: Downloadable Software, Windows Format

Price: 1 Year License ($19.99), 2 Year License ($29.99), Perpetual License ($39.99)

From the website:

The Essentials of Mad Dog Math

  • Enables children to master their +, -, x, and ÷ facts in a fun challenging, exciting, and motivating way

  • Math supplement for any math curriculum

  • For grades K through 5th; remedial middle school and high school

  • Standard, daily 10 minute time commitment from start to finish

  • Huge body of math facts broken down into bite-sized pieces any child can master

  • Applied system that works in every classroom and in every home

  • Students, teachers, and parents LOVE it

A Free Trial is available in Windows 32 bit Version or 64 bit version.  Only the first fact family in each of the levels is available in the free trial version.

Our Experience:  The website recommends doing Mad Dog Math for 10 minutes per day, so that is what we strived to do. 

This was a program that B had a bit of problem for some reason.  I think it was because he has never practiced addition and subtraction by families before.  He was also stressed with solving 20 problems in two minutes, when it was timed.  B and I butted heads a bit and so he did the program with Dad.  It helped out a lot and he ended up having a lot of fun.

C worked on doing the program without being timed until she felt comfortable timing it.  She seemed to have a lot of fun and was always eager to work on her problems.

What I Liked:

  • The problems were divided up into small fact families.
  • There were three levels which helped reinforce the fact families.
  • Good instructions with the software, explaining how to do the program. 

What I Disliked:

  • For example, you had to know all the fact families of addition, before you got the club sticker for each time level.  For some kids they need to be rewarded more often.  It makes the game more rewarding. 


What B (boy, age seven, officially in first grade) Liked  and  Disliked:  It was very fun.  I am all the way up to “9 to 11 Subtract.”  Some parts were tricky.  In the parts that were really tricky, I did not use “Time Me.”   I couldn’t move on until I used the “Time Me” button.  I think Mad Dog Math is good for kids my age.


What C (girl, age five, working on kindergarten) Liked and Disliked:  It was fun.  Most of the time I got them wrong, but I tried all over again.  I did it with no timing and with timing.  It was good for kids my age.

What Dad Liked and Disliked:  I liked what Mom liked.   The only thing I disliked is that when you complete the 20th problem the test automatically stopped. You do not get a chance to review your answers before being corrected. It would be helpful if you could manually stop the test when you are done in addition to the test stopping at the 2 minute mark.

Other Products Available:  Please go here to see more products for both the classroom and homeschool.

I would recommend Mad Dog Math for kids who need to work on math drills and need to do it in small fact families. For more reviews go to The Homeschool Crew review page.

Disclaimer:  I received Mad Dog Math for free for review purposes through The Homeschool Crew. All links were current when posted.

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