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Anthem for a Nation from New Liberty Videos (Schoolhouse Review Crew review)

We received this for review purposes!

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Age Appeal: General Audience (you will want to watch in first to determine if you want your younger children to watch it)

Format: Physical DVD

Price: $19.95

New Liberty Videos, founded by Brian Barkley, has a variety of different videos.  Our family viewed Anthem for a Nation.  This video is about how much God was involved in the founding of our country and how we need to get back to God.  There are a variety of patriotic songs, information about how important the Bible was in the founding of our country, and the stories of Maria Anne Hirschmann and Kitty Werthmann (they lived in Nazi controlled countries.

Here is a link to a short video about Anthem for a Nation.

Our Experience: 

I was very interested when I learned about New Liberty Videos.  I thought that Dad would also be very interested in this company.  I was not sure what B and C would think, but I knew the information was important for them to learn.

I was excited when I learned we would be reviewing Anthem for a Nation, because I had watched the 15 minute video on the internet and it was very interesting.

I watched it by myself first, then gave it to Dad.  I thought the video was excellent, but I decided to forward through the part about abortion for B and C.  I want them to be aware of all things in life, but there are still subjects they are too young for.

I thought this was an important video and I plan on having my family watch it yearly.

Mama’s Thoughts:

  • I really enjoyed the music and videography in this video.  The patriotic music worked perfectly with the theme of the video.  The songs set the scene for all of the information about the history of the founding of the U.S.  The scenery of different parts United States was spectacular.  It was a good representation of the country.
  • I never knew how much the Constitution was based on the Bible.  According to the American Political Science Review from 1983, the Constitution is 94% either directly or indirectly based on the Bible.
  • When this country was young it was very involved with Christianity.  The Capital used to be a church and President Jefferson sent missionaries to the Native Americans and built Christian schools for them.  Congress bought 20,000 Bible for the troops and others during the Revolutionary War.  Our country was based on the Bible and it lasted until the 1960’s.  That is when Christianity began to be removed from public schools.  It is when that happened that drugs, alcohol, and abortions really grew in number.  That is really sad and as a country we need to change that.
  • I thought Maria Anne Hirschmann and Kitty Werthmann’s stories were a crucial part of the video.  I especially liked Werthmann’s story about growing in Austria during Hitler’s reign.  Her story showed me that we have been sucked in by all the promises of good, like health care and preschool, just like Austria was.  We need to take a stand and bring Christianity back!


B’s Thoughts (boy, age 10, officially in fifth grade):   

I learned a lot from Anthem for a Nation, even though I did not like it.  I do not know why I did not like it.  I would have liked it to include more history.  I liked the videography and the music.  I think this would be good for kids ten and up.   

C’s Thoughts (girl, age 8, officially in third grade):

It is good because people can learn history from it.  I really liked the music.  I liked the scenes they went through.  They were really pretty.  It is good for people older than me.

Dad’s Thoughts:

New Liberty Videos' Anthem for a Nation, Relighting the Torch of American's Liberty touches upon several topics that should be more publicly addressed.  First and foremost is how much America and American's have done for the world.  It's a great idea to start talking about the positives instead of the constant negativity and blame being put on America.  Let's start looking up instead of down all the time.  Second, we need more education about our Founding Fathers and their beliefs that they had for this new country.  New Liberty's Video brings to light just how much our founding documents ideals come from the bible itself and not secularism.  This video goes beyond teaching just the three branches of government and their functions.  Third (but not last), the comparison of the number of lives lost from wars and from abortion is a wake-me-upper.  This highlights an immense tragedy that must not only be addressed but must be stopped as well.

What really make Anthem for a Nation, Relighting the Torch of American's Liberty  a great learning tool are the eye witness accounts of Maria Anne Hirschmann and Kitty Werthmann.  We can discuss ideals all day long but when someone tells their story of living through those events and recall what actually happened and how it happened it makes you stop and reflect upon your beliefs.

This entire program should be viewed in every school in every city in every state. It's that important.

Mama highly recommends!

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