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Online Math and Language Arts Learning from IXL (Schoolhouse Review Crew review)

We received this for review purposes!


Product Links: IXL Math (Pre-K to Precalculus)  and IXL Language Arts (2nd to 8th)

Vendor Information Link: IXL

Age Appeal: K-12

Format: Completely online (Technical Requirements)

Price: Annual Subscription: math $79/child and $99/two children, math and language arts $129/child and $149/two children (for more information and payment options go to the Membership page

math page

Do you need a fun supplemental math and language arts program?  Look no further than IXL.

IXL has hundreds of skills to be mastered in many different grades.  Your child is not required to stay at their grade level.  For example, if third grade math is too difficult for them, then they can work on second grade until the skills are mastered to move back to third. 

There are awards programs, certificates, weekly reports for parents, and feedback for each missed problem.

Help Center (for any unanswered questions).

Our Experience: 

IXL is one of my favorite supplemental programs for math and language arts.  I have found that the programs we use for math and language arts sometimes do not cover
everything we need or that the kids need more practice to master the skills they have been working on.  I was excited when we were selected to review IXL.  I knew exactly what B and C needed to work on in both math and language arts.

C's math program does an excellent job of teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I decided to have her work on money, time, estimation, logical reasoning, and some of the other topics her program does not cover.  I had her work on IXL three times a week for about 20 minutes each time.

Math is not B's favorite subject, so I have had a hard time finding a program that fits well with him.  IXL is the program that works for him.  I have been having him work on it five times a week for about 20 minutes each time.  I keep his lessons short, because he learns the most when they are short.

I had B and C use the language arts section of the program in the same way they used math.  We have a
good language arts program, but there are some parts that are not covered, like alphabetizing, analogies, and Greek and Latin roots.

They had fun when they got prizes in math and when they received certificates in my e-mail.

I am very pleased with IXL Learning and I plan on continue using it with B and C.


Mama’s Thoughts:

  • There are many things I like about IXL Learning.  The feature I like the best is the weekly e-mailed reports.  The e-mailed reports show me exactly what B and C have been doing and what they need to work on more.  I always know how long they have been working on math and language arts and whether or not I need to keep a closer eye on them.
  • I really like the wide variety of subjects that are offered.  B and C will never run out of things to practice, because they can do it again and again.  They will definitely be able to master the subjects that are offered.
  • I am impressed with the depth of explanation that each missed problem gives.  The student can easily study the explanation and learn how to do the problem correctly.  B and C have used this feature multiple times and it has helped them solve future problems.
  • The one thing I would change is the login process.  It would be easier if the student could log themselves in directly without having to login to their family's account first.  It can be frustrating to those people who have a hard time logging in if they have to do it twice.
  • At the beginning I did not like the "Challenge Zone," because it really upset B and C when they missed a problem and their score would go from the nineties back into the eighties and it would take much longer until they reached 100.  I know it the "Challenge Zone" has been designed to make sure that the child has mastered the skill, but it is frustrating to be getting all the answers right, then miss one and need to do so many more before mastering the skill.  B and C both get frustrated when that happens.  I think it would be nice if they could miss two or three before they lose the momentum they have built up.  

B’s Thoughts (boy, age 10, officially in fifth grade):   

I liked IXL.  I really liked Geometry.  It was really fun.  I learned a lot.  Fifth grade wasn’t so fun, but I still learned a lot.  Pre-K was fun to do on my own time.  Precalculus was fun to do and learn too.

I liked the awards.  I wish there were awards for language arts.  And that language arts started in first grade.  I liked the awards themes for geometry (space) and precaluculus (Castle).   

Overall I would recommend this product. 

C’s Thoughts (girl, age 8, officially in third grade):

I really liked the “Group Alphabetical Order” and “Order the Best” for language arts.  My favorite one for math was place values.

It is good for people of all ages.

Dad’s Thoughts:

I like the in-depth reports that IXL does on its students. They are thorough and presented in an easy to read and understand manner.  I have friends who are teachers that would love to have this kind of reporting.  It shows the strengths and weaknesses of each student as well as where each student is spending their time while in IXL.  By showing where the student is having trouble those areas can be addressed to achieve success.

IXL is well thought out and executed program for student learning.

Mama highly recommends this!


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