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Product: See-N-Read
Vendor Contact Information:
CadenaSmith Enterprises
2533 Sutton Lane
Aurora, IL 6502
Phone: 630-236-5592
Fax: 630-236-5593
Age Appeal: People who have difficulty tracking as they are reading
Format: Plastic 5.5x3" or 8x3" Reading Tool and e-edition
Price: See-N-Read Reading Tool- book size $2.99, See-N-Read Reading Tool- document size $3.49, eSee-N-Read Electronic Reading and Instruction Tool for PCs, $29.99, See-N-Read MemoryMark- book size $2.99

Do you have readers that have difficulty seeing, focusing and remembering what they have read? Then See-N-Read Reading Tools might be what you are looking for.

Who uses See-N-Read?
  • Readers who skip words or lines
  • Readers who have trouble focusing their eyes
  • Teachers who need to show specific areas of text without hiding everything

Why use See-N-Read?
  • It will be easier for readers to keep focused on one line and not other lines on the page
  • Keeps out distractions like pictures and other words

Is See-N-Read Flexible and Easy to use?
  • Yes. Set the See-N-Read on the page you wish to read and move down as you read the page. The reading window will work with font sizes up to 20

Our Experience: I was very excited when we received the See-N-Read Reading Tools. B sometimes misses words when he reads, so I was interested in learning if these tools would help him. We have used both one on the computer and a physical one. It was difficult to work with moving both the internet page and the eSee-N-Read on the computer. When B uses the See-N-Read, I have noticed an improvement in reading all the words on the line. I tried using it to read, but I found it fuzzy and distracting. It was fun using the MemoryMark, because I could highlight exactly what I needed and not other lines. I could also use it to read with as it did not have the clear plastic.

What I Liked:
  • The See-N-Read MemoryMark made it easier to highlight specific lines.

What I Disliked:
  • It was difficult to coordinate the eSee-N-Read with the page we were trying to read.
  • The See-N-Read Reading Tool made the page more difficult to read.

What B (boy, just turned seven, some first and some second grade) Liked and Disliked: I wish it was darker, because I kept on reading without moving the See-N-Read. I liked that it helped you see the words. I loved that. I like using bookmarks instead of See-N-Read, because they aren't see-through. This is kind of good for kids my age, because the See-N-Read was see-through.

What C (girl, just turned five, working on kindergarten) Liked and Disliked: C did not use this product as she is not reading yet.

Other Products Available: There are multiple packs and combination packs available.

I would recommend See-N-Read Reading Tools for people who need help staying focused as they read or need to highlight specific areas of text. For more reviews on See-N-Read go to The Homeschool Crew review page.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for review purposes through The Homeschool Crew. All links were current when posted.

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