Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What we have read aloud this past week

Our family reads a lot of books both silently and aloud.  I try to read other books as well, but we have not been doing a lot of that in the past weeks.  It is something we need to start doing again, it just seems as if there is not enough time in the day. 


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This past weekend we went on a short trip and we were not able to get our audio books that were on hold from the library, so we got to listen to, On the Banks of Plum Creek, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We have listened to it many different times, so it was not as interesting as it had been times before.  As usual I didn’t like the grasshoppers and leeches.  I have had similar experiences with both of those, so I cringe every time they talk about them.  And C, my little grasshopper squisher, said that they should have been stepping on them when they were laying the eggs.

Of Courage Undaunted

We are reading Of Courage Undaunted by James Daugherty for American History.  This book is excellent.  It is about Lewis and Clark and their trek across the United States.  We are spending three weeks on this book and B always wants to read more.  Today we read about their encounters with bears.  I don’t know why the Fields brothers would want to stay and try to shoot the grizzly bears.  I would have left.  I’m surprised that no men were killed by bears on their trip.




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The Children’s Homer is what we are currently reading for World History.  I’m not sure when we will finish it in our school year, but it has been fun for us so far.








Archimedes and the Door of Science (Living History Library)

Archimedes and the Door of Science by Jeanne Bendick is so much fun to read.  I didn’t know that he knew so much.  I don’t think I spent much time learning about him when I was in public school.  It is hard for us to only read two chapters a week, because this book is so well written and Archimedes was so smart.









Goal for next week- I would like to finish reading the book, Tom Jefferson by Helen Albee Monsell.

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  1. I have never read Of Courage Undaunted, I'm adding it to my list. Thanks for sharing your list, I am always looking for different books to read.