Monday, February 11, 2013

Top Ten Reasons We Love Libraries

We love going to the libraries in the towns we visit.  Each of the libraries are the same, yet they are each different (mainly in the building designs).

The top ten reasons why we love libraries:

1.  There are so many different books to check out.  We live in an area that takes from two other libraries.  The state we live in during the summer lets us check out books from any library with one card.

2.  We can check out DVDs from current releases to documentaries.

3.  Free programs like lecture series, author signings, art classes, and story time.

4.  Daily or yearly books sales.  We were recently at a library that sells books daily and we found Dan Frontier books and Cowboy Sam books.  We had been looking for books in those series for a long time.  It was so exciting!

5.  We enjoy visiting with the librarians.  I have found that it is best to use the library frequently, because the service will be better.  The kids also enjoy going to visit Grandma.

6.  Internet Service-  When we are in our summer state it is so important to have the libraries high-speed internet.

7.  We enjoy going to the newer library buildings with the high ceilings and large windows.

8.  Some of the libraries have fun toys to play when we go to check out books.

9.  The summer reading program which encourages reading and has fun weekly programs.

10.  You can  always find what you need at the library!

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