Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Read Aloud Challenge- February 5, 2013

We need to read more in our house, but time seems to always get away from us.  I am just so glad that we do read a lot during school time.  We usually read a lot for history and science.

This week we are continuing to read The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal by Cheryl Harness.  This is a picture book and has a lot of amazing illustrations and descriptions.  My son keeps asking me to read the book to him.  I could look at the illustrations and read the descriptions all day.

We are also reading poetry this year.  We have been reading Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s The Song of Hiawatha.  It is a very long poem, but we all find that it is better than his other poetry. 

We have been having difficulties sometimes with working on handwriting lessons this year.  I recently read a blog post about a mother who read to her children while they worked on their handwriting.  I decided to do that.  One of the books we had been reading for American History was Carry on Mr. Bowditch.  We hadn’t finished it by the time we needed to begin something else for American History, so I decided to read this book while the children work on their handwriting.  I was so excited when it worked.  They went from arguing about working on two lines to sitting there and writing eight lines.  And they could answer the questions I asked them about what I had been reading to them.

This was our week of reading.  What did you read this week to your children?

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  1. Oh, I love Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. I cannot wait until I get to read that to me younger two...

    Thanks for linking up to my read-aloud post!!