Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bible Memory Games from Christianity Cove (Schoolhouse Crew Review)

We received Bible Memory Games from Christianity Cove for review purposes.


Product link: Bible Memory Games

Vendor Contact Information: Christianity Cove

Age Appeal: 5 and up (They need to be able to memorize long verses)

Format: PDF (Printable download)

Price: $29.00

DSCF1017 (Small)

The Bible Memory Games PDF contains 42 different games that can help children memorize Bible verses by using all of their five senses.  It can be used in Sabbath School or homeschool.  There are seven different categories: Salvation, Love, Faith, Good Behavior, Faith Over Fear, Heaven, and Seeking God.  Each scripture is taught using two audible games, two visual games, and two hands-on games.

Some of the games are:

  • “Scripture Bounce”- In this game you need a bouncy ball, large piece of paper or cardboard, and a watch with a second hand.  You will write the verse on the paper, then each child will say the verse to the rhythm to the bounce.  After that child has finished it will be handed to the next person.  The team that finishes in the shortest time wins.
  • “Breaking the Code”- In this game the children will have a code sheet and the copy of the symbols and they will break the code and figure out the scripture that is written out.

There are many more fun games to play.

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Our Experience:

I was interested in these games, because we are actively memorizing verses in our daily homeschooling.  When the e-mail came I downloaded the PDF and then started looking at the different games.  I was having a little bit of problem with some of these games, because there is just B and C.  Team games can be very difficult to play with only two children.  I was able to find enough games and different activities to work on for the two of them.  It would be a perfect program for larger families, Sabbath Schools, and Christian Schools. 

We would spend a couple of days on each category working one or two verses, then we would move on to the next one.

I Liked:

  • I liked the variety of games and the different categories.  It covers every category that is important for children.
  • I thought the variety of games was good and after these verses have been memorized, I can use these game ideas other verses to memorize.
  • I was impressed with the games, because C remembered some of her verses several weeks after we played the games.

I Disliked:

  • I think the price is very high for just homeschoolers, but it would work for Sabbath Schools.  I think it would take them a very long time to work on the verses in school, because it often takes a long time to memorize them.

DSCF1016 (Small)

What B (boy, age nine, officially in third grade) Liked and Disliked:

It was a good product.  I liked it.  It helped me learn memory verses.  It is good for kids my age.

What C (girl, age seven, officially in first grade) Liked and Disliked: 

I liked the game where you bounce the ball.  It is good for kids my age.

Dad’s Call: 

Dad was unavailable for this review. 

Mamma recommends Bible Memory Games.


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