Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Schedule

How has your summer been going?  Ours has been going well.  It has been busy though, so we have not done as much school work as I had planned on doing.

We are currently in rural area where it takes 45 minutes to go to town and our main internet comes in the form up dial-up, so I have not been on the internet very much.  Last week and this week, the children have had swimming lesson, so I have been able to do a couple of things at the library that I can't do at the ranch.  Today I am taking the opportunity to write this blog post. 

Along with swimming lessons we have been branding, playing with cousins, and doing the chores.  We get to feed cats, horses, baby calves, and bulls and cows for our chores.  I am hoping that soon we will be able to go on some horse rides.  I enjoy using the 4-wheeler to do work with though.  In August we will be fixing fence almost every day as the cows enjoy going on the meadow that is waiting to be swathed (grass being cut and baled).

Have a wonderful week!  And I hope to post more later this week.

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