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Rainforest Journey from EdTechLens (Schoolhouse Review Crew Review!)

We received this for review purposes!

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Age Appeal: K-5, we used 4th and 5th

Format: Online and downloadable PDF questions and text

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Does your family want to explore the rainforest from the comfort of your home?  EdTechLens has developed a program called Rainforest journey.  This science program contains five units:

  • Big Picture
  • Adapt or Die!
  • Animals, Plants, and Fungi
  • Ecosystem

There are 34 lessons which include stunning photos, text, and video clips.  Each section of text is also linked to an audio version.  There are also interviews with scientists and rainforest trip journals.  At the end of each lesson there are reviews and activities.


Our Experience: 

B and C enjoy science and learning about different ecosystems, so I was excited to be able to review Rainforest Journey.

I had C work on fourth grade and B review fifth grade.  They each did a lesson a day.  At first I had them go in the program’s order, then I decided to open it up for them, so they could see what the rest of the program was like.  I thought C’s program was a lot more detailed than B’s.  Her lesson review pages were usually three to four pages and B only had two.  Her lessons were also a lot more complete, with added descriptions, videos, and other extras.

They both enjoyed this program, so I plan on having them continue working on it.


Mama’s Thoughts:

  • I thought the photos were spectacular.  I liked the interviews with the scientists and the rainforest journals.  They were a great addition to the text.
  • I was glad that there was audio to go with the text, because it gives those who have diffculties reading a chance to enjoy the program.
  • I liked the ability to download the PDFs of each lesson and the lesson review.  I had the children verbally give the answers, but being able to print the reviews was a great option.
  • I thought this online science program for kids had a lot of good information, but I would have liked more detail about the animals and plants.  Fifth grade seemed to have a lot less detail and work than fourth grade did.  It would have been nice if the photos had been labeled with the specific name of the item and not the generic name.  The videos were really short and did not contain a lot of detail. 
  • I had B and C work on one lesson a day (it took them around 20 minutes each time).  They could have done more though, because they really like to learn.
  • I think that more multiple choice questions would have been nice for the lesson review.  It would have been a good break from the essay questions.  sunlight shining through trees. Used in lessons and Illustration - U5 - Ecosystem - Primary.

B’s Thoughts (boy, age 12, officially in sixth grade):   

I thought that EdTechLens was an interesting science program.  I liked learning about the rainforest, which is a subject I have learned a whole lot about. 

I thought that the photographs were really nice.  It would have been nice if the photos had been labeled better.  For example, instead of saying “an owl,” it could say “eagle-owl.” 

I would have also like more info. about the topic being studied. 

I would recommend this product for people younger than me. 

 C’s Thoughts (girl, age 10, officially in fourth grade):

  • I think that the photos are really beneficial, so that I could see what the plants and animals look like.
  • I think audio clips of the text would be good for people who can’t read.
  • This science curriculum would be good for people of all ages.
  • I thought that the photos could be labeled better.

 Rainforest Journey_6-Animal-Types

Dad’s Thoughts:

Dad was not available.

Mama recommends!

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