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The Dragon and the Raven (Schoolhouse Review Crew Review!)

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Product Links: The Dragon and the Raven

Vendor Information Link: Heirloom Audio Productions

Age Appeal: 6 and up

Format: Physical set of two CDs (2 1/2 hours) and downloadable bonuses

Price: $99.97 for “The Family Four-Pack” (includes four copies of The Dragon and the Raven and 7 bonuses), $29.97 for the Single Pack (one copy and three bonuses), and $19.97 for the Instant Access MP3 download and two bonuses  

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Does your family enjoy listening to audio dramas? 

Heirloom Audio Productions latest adaption of G. A. Henty’s, The Dragon and the Raven, is one your family will want to listen to.

This story is about King Alfred of Wessex and the fighting he must do against the Danes.  The Danish army has been winning against every kingdom they fight.  King Alfred realizes that his country needs to turn to the God his country has forgotten about.

Will King Alfred be able to help his kingdom?  Who is Edmund, and how will he be able to help?

Our Experience: 

Our family has always enjoyed listening to audio books, so we were excited to try this audio drama.  B was especially excited, because he has read several G. A. Henty books.

We listened to the story as we were driving around town and eating meals.  It was an awesome and powerful story.  We used the 49 page study guide too.  We would go over the questions after we listened to some of the tracks. 

I know this is a story we will listen to again and again.  We will also make great use of the study guide at that time.


Mama’s Thoughts:

  • I really thought this was a great story about God and country.  I don’t remember ever hearing about King Alfred.  I thought he was a really spectacular king.
  • The downloadable study guide was very useful.  At the end of each track there were three section of questions and vocabulary.  There were the Listening Well questions, the Thinking Further questions, and the Defining Words section.  These questions helped me determine if B and C had listened to the track well enough, or if we needed to listen to it again.  This study guide will work for us for many years to come and many different grade levels.  The list of recommended reading at the Bible studies at the end were helpful for our family.  There was also extra information about G. A. Henty and King Alfred.
  • C thought that the parts of the story that had the fighting were scary.  B enjoyed the entire story. 
  • I enjoy listening to the mp3 soundtrack (one of the bonuses) when I’m working on the computer.
  • I was impressed with the actors and actresses, who were involved with this production.  I remember seeing them in the different movies like, The Hobbit, Indiana Jones, and The Lord of the Rings.  It was a lot of fun watching them in the behind-the-scenes documentary (one of the bonuses).

B’s Thoughts (boy, age 12, officially in sixth grade):   

I liked this Christian audio drama.  I thought it was fun, adventurous, and exciting.

I liked listening to this during lunch and while traveling.

I liked the behind-the-scenes documentary.  It was fun learning more about The Dragon and the Raven.  I thought it was cool that some of the actors worked on The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars.   

I would highly this audio drama to boys and girls, who are six and up. 


C’s Thoughts (girl, age 10, officially in fourth grade):

  • I think this audio book would be good for boys and girls.
  • I liked the music in The Dragon and the Raven.
  • I thought it was scary, because of the Danes and all the fighting.
  • When our oven is fixed, I would like to make the “Alfred cakes.”
  • I thought the Behind the Scenes video was exciting, because I didn’t know that some of the actors worked on The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

 Dad’s Thoughts:

One of the things I like about The Dragon and The Raven is the casting of multiple people to tell the story. While one person can speak many voices the story leaps to life when you have different voices for different characters. This production is well done and has been enjoyable to listen to. I hope you get the chance to immerse yourself in this tale telling story.

  Henty TheDragon and the Raven Album Art_zpsgmx7xdnz

Mama highly recommends the !

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