Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gobble to Goop from my son-Part three

Bees like to do everything that you want them to do, but they mostly like to polinate flowers that is why God made so many flowers.

Little bear come outside and play today while the earth is spinning around very fast and so that just is the way that the earth is and it will be forever and even when we are in heaven but life will not change in heaven we will be running and walking very fast, but we will never ever change even if we are children or adult we will not be dead up in heaven the people will come alive when it is time to go to heaven but I don't know the dead people may stay on earth, but they will be able to come up to heaven so that is just what I want to say, because that is always my favorite thing to say on bloggers but you might get posted in a blog

but watch out because you may get pecked to bits by a quail or stomped on by a rabbit that is what Roxie said to Bruce I'll have the last bit of laughter said Roxie so be really careful Roxie the witch said, if she could make him little he could be a tadpole or nothing at all, but she like Bruce and she kept him that size. That is from the story Big Bad Bruce by Bill Peet.

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