Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Indoor Garden

We have started an indoor AeroGarden. This is what the plants look like after a week.

The tomato plant on the back right has not started growing yet. I think it will be soon. We have three tomato sets and one chives. When we got the AeroGarden it had a set of herb seeds and I wanted to see if I could get the chives to grow with the tomato nutrients. I have been seeing many ads for these AeroGarden and I was excited when it finally fit into our budget to be able to purchase one. I wanted it to be able to grow tomatoes. It always takes such a long time for the plants to grow. We usually leave when the tomatoes get ripe and then the plants die soon after that. I am hoping with growing them hydroponically they will be grow and continue growing for a long time. We will be posting pictures of the plants as they grow. We hope to be able to show you how well this appliance works.

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