Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gobble to Goop from my son

oh you can be old
you can be an everything
oh you yes you
you de you
you can be everything
you can be a giraffe
or a long kangaroo
and fly and touch the sky
and then you can fly and touch the sky
youuuu can just do those wonderful things
with your magic wands
but wands are not a word
only in fairytales and stories
wands are not a single worrrd
and then you can be you
so you just can be youuuuu
you will never change to a woman or a boy or a long giraffe or a kangaroo
you will never change to an elphant with long ears and big tall feet and big round eyes
and a small tail
you can no longer turn into a bear not even once
if you are person or a bear you won't turn into a person
and you will be posted on to a blog

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