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Hilda the Briton by Emma Leslie- Book from Salem Ridge Press (Schoolhouse Crew Review)

We received Hilda the Briton for review purposes

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 Product: Hilda the Briton

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Age Appeal: 8 to Adult

Format: Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-934671-37-5), 145 pages, copyrighted 2010

Price: $12.95

Emma Leslie, author of Hilda the Briton or, The Golden Age: The Story of a Roman Slave Girl, lived from 1837-1909 and was a Victorian children’s author.  She wrote more than 100 books.

In Hilda the Briton, Emma Leslie introduces us to Hilda and Bran.  They have have been taken from Britain by the Romans to be sold as slaves.  Hilda and Bran are taken to a wealthy Roman home, where Bran becomes filled with hate and Hilda adjusts to her new life.

Hilda hears stories of the Roman god, Saturn, and anxiously waits for him to rule the world in a Golden Age.  The slaves will then be free.  Another slave takes her to hear Apostle Paul, a prisoner, speak about God.  This God loves everyone, including slaves.

Will Hilda follow God?  Will Bran?  What will happen when the rest of the household learns about this new God? 

Excerpt from Hilda the Briton by Emma Leslie.

Our Experience:

Ancient Roman History is one of the subjects we are studying in school this year, so I was really excited to review, Hilda the Briton or, The Golden Age: The Story of a Roman Slave Girl by Emma Leslie.  We put our schedule for Roman History on hold.  We spent that time reading the book.  We read a chapter a day, so it took us eight school days to finish the book.  Each day before we began reading, we would discuss what we had read the day before.

I Liked:

  • We have been studying a lot about Apostle Paul in our Bible lessons, so it was great to have him as a character.
  • How much children can make a positive difference.
  • How Hilda the Briton focused on love.
  • The definitions of some of the more difficult words at the bottom of the page. 

I Disliked:

  •  Nothing

What B (boy, age nine, officially in third grade) Likes and Dislikes: I really liked Hilda the Briton.  It is a good book for you to read by yourself and out-loud!  I like that it had Paul in it (I like Paul) .  I think this is good for kids my age.  I also think this is good for kids, not my age. The End

What C (girl, age seven, officially in first grade) Liked and Disliked: I enjoyed the illustrations and the whole book.  I liked the book, because it has Paul in it.  I have been studying him in my Bible lessons.  It is good for kids my age.

Dad’s Call: I enjoyed Hilda the Briton.  It was refreshing to read about how the teachings of Jesus were so openly discussed without fear of repercussions or punishments.  The story was a positive message about responsibility. whether you were a slave or a master.  I also liked the definitions at the bottom of the pages of difficult words, unknown phrases, or unknown celebrations to help the young reader better comprehend the story.  While Hilda the Briton by Emma Leslie was written for children, I believe that adults will enjoy it as well. 

Mamma would definitely recommend, Hilda the Briton, by Emma Leslie.


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