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Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive from Logic of English (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

We received the complete set of Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive for review purposes!

Product Links: Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive - Complete Set

Vendor Information Link: Logic of English

Age Appeal: ages 4 to adult

Format: The Complete Set includes 1 printed Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive Student Book, 1 Cursive Handwriting Quick Reference, 1 Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive Tactile Cards, 1 Student Whiteboard- Full Size

Price: As of May 9, 2014- $65 for the complete set

Are you struggling with your child’s current handwriting program?

Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive teaches letters with a multi-sensory approach.  The student will learn the strokes and verbally say them as they trace the letters on the tactile cards.  They will then write them in the Student Book, where there are different line sizes.  There are instructions listed for students of different ages and other ideas for handwriting practice.


Our Experience: 

B has wanted to learn a different style of cursive for sometime, so this review was perfect for him.  C wanted to try it out too.

We did not work on the lessons as described it the book, because B is a fluent reader and did not need to learn the phonograms.  He only needed to learn his letter formations.  For the swing letters (i, t, u, etc.), I give B the tactile card, then we would say the steps (long and short versions) to make the letter aloud.  He would then write the letters in his workbook.  There is the option to write different sizes of letters.  He did them all.  He wanted the practice.

The instructions state that if the student is over seven (he is ten) he/she can either write two, four, or all the letters based on one stroke per day.  Since we use a learning style that is based on short lessons, B worked for fifteen minutes per day, five days a week.

After B had finished the swing letters, he worked on the curve and loop letters on his own.  He had a difficult time with the curve stroke.  He practiced that stroke again and again on the whiteboard until he perfected it. 

He now does the steps of each letter by himself and then does them in the workbook.  He is still doing all the line sizes.  I often circle his best letters as I did in the beginning, but his letters are so uniform that it is difficult to choose which is the best.

C is really into her own cursive handwriting program, but she thought she would give this program a try.  She worked on the letters i, t, u, s, and j.  She enjoyed saying the steps and writing the letters of the Student Whiteboard.  

Mama’s Thoughts:

  • The Tactile Cards were really nice.  It could be helpful for many children if they can feel the letters as they are saying the steps.  B did not actively use the cards.
  • I was grateful that the program included the different strokes, like curve, role, slash, and others.  B needed it to learn how to make the curve.
  • The Student Whiteboard was perfect for C’s use and for the times that B needed extra practice to learn a specific stroke.
  • I am glad that a secondary student book only costs $15.  It is more cost effective for large families.
  • I was very thankful for the instructions in the book.  They helped know exactly how to teach the program.
  • I was so excited when I saw how diligently B worked on the lessons.  I have never seen him work this hard on handwriting lessons.  He will spend more than our allotted fifteen minutes if he is having fun and is not distracted by other things.  I feel that this program is one that he will be able to continue and grow with.

B’s Thoughts (boy, age 10, officially in fourth grade):   

I really, really liked Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive.  I had been wanting to learn this type of handwriting for quite awhile.  I think this is a very good product if you want to learn this style.

There was only one thing I didn’t like and it is this: I think it could use a small teacher workbook, so that the teacher doesn’t have to look at the book when you are writing something.

My favorite letter was B.  This style of B is very different than other ways I have learned.  B was my favorite, because I liked the way it looked (see the photo below).

I think this product would be good for kids of all ages.


C’s Thoughts (girl, age 8, officially in second grade):

It was fun to do the letters for Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive.  I did the letters i, t, u, s, and j.  I used the Student Whiteboard.  It was fun.  I liked the tactile cards.  I liked them, because it helped me to write the letters.

It is good for kids my age and older.   

DSCF3029 (Small)

Dad’s Thoughts:

Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive by Denise Eide is an interesting program using systematic phonics, phonograms, reading, spelling and handwriting to learn how to write in cursive. She breaks it down into the strokes for each letter and says that starting with cursive writing is easier than starting with printed writing. It's a different concept than what I grew up with but I have learned over the years that changing your perspective in the way you do things can have significant improvement with your results.

I see improvement with B's cursive handwriting using Denise's method. She's onto something good with Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive and I recommend you giving it a try even though it's probably not the way you were taught handwriting. Be adventurous and try something new.

Mama recommends Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive!

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  1. Forget getting this for kids. I should be getting this for myself. I don't think I've used cursive in 15 years, and it was messy before that!