Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dialogue with my son (age 5) and daughter (age 3)

Gobble to goop.
don't push me off
Gobble to goop is my favorite thing to say
Gobble to goop it is so funny
Big Bad Bruce is the story by Bill Peet
you know it is like dodah but it's not gobble to goop but its not dodah but its just really interesting goo, but its not gooboo but that is really funny but you know I love. I can stick my tongue out helloo that is not my usual voice and this is my usual voice Sis would you like to say something "gobble to goop" that is a really fun word Sis. but not as funny as me would you like to say something else "I am Sis or I am a baby" I am a brother or a baby or Abraham Lincoln "I am not Abraham Lincoln I am just a baby" A big old baby "Yeah" But I just don't want you to say gobble to goop but what is really funny is gobble to goop "I need it" do you want to say something else? "gobble to goop baby is all nagen in your house you're a baby" a big baby I see Sis but are you a baby no you are pretending to be a small, little baby that is very fun I stick my tongue out again "say gooble to goop" o.k. I'll say gobble to goop. Gobble to Goop is that what you said? "gobble to goop" So that is so funny but would you like to say something else Sis? "Yes, I am a baby that just crawls on the floor." And I am the parent with Momma and Daddy. The End "The End"

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