Thursday, February 19, 2009

The plants are getting big.

Here are new pictures of our tomato plants, chives and the new lettuce. I wasn't sure if the lettuce seeds were going to sprout, but they did and they are growing well. I need to keep cutting the chives, but now some of them are not growing as fast as the others. Can anybody tell me why that is? The tomato plants are around four inches tall. They are very strong and look like they will give good fruit. The short tomato plant is catching up to the rest of them. I think we will be able to raise the lamp soon. My children are really excited about everything growing. My son sat in front of it just the other day watching the plants grow. I hope everybody's gardens are growing as well as ours.


  1. I've seen these advertised before. They look really neat. It's hard for me to put your pictures in perspective...just how big is the lamp system? I'll be interested to hear your results.

  2. I will remember to post the dimensions. I will also take a picture of the whole thing. Isn't technology wonderful.