Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Newberry Medal Books

I have decided to print out a list of Newberry Medal books, cross out the ones I have read and then read all of the ones I have not read thus far in my adult life.

The first book I am going to start reading is The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Willem van Loon. This was the first Newberry Medal book in 1922. The edition is so thick. It does have eleven chapters that have been added by John Merriman. The total number of pages including the index is 674.

I will be telling you later on what it has been like to read this book and if it is an easy read or not. It is for children, so I hope for me it is a quick read. I have noticed though that in this century the books have gotten much easier. I will tell you about those when I get there.

Have a wonderful day.

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