Monday, March 2, 2009

Gobble to Goop from my son (five-years-old)- Big, Big, Big Brown Bear and the Moose

One morning a big, big, big brown bear was standing near a moose home. He couldn't wait to go in it, because he was invited for dinner. He was going to have freshly cooked green grass out of a cookbook called Big Moose Supper Brown Bear Grass and Moose Pie. Then it made some soup. The soup was out of the cookbook. The soup was called Big, Big, Big Moose Supper Pie Plus Bear Soup for the supper. That is what it was called. Then a airplane flew overhead. Then the bear went for a ride to Scotland. The end.
Now we'll talk about some business. Did the little bear eat the moose or have supper with the moose? Or did the bear spill the pie all over the moose? Or did he flood the whole cave with soup? No, he was very kind to the moose. Now we're done with our business. Now, we can continue with the story.
A little bear was walking all alone one morning, then he came to a cave. He knocked on the door. Now we have some business to take care of. Did the bear eat up the door to get inside the cave? No, he did not. He knocked on the door, which was very polite. The end. The end.

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  1. Very creative and interesting. Your son could be a famous writer/poet someday.