Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gobble to Goop from my son (five-years-old)- Kangaroos like to jump and play in the sandbox

Just jump like a kangaroo into your house of bushes. The end. And we will be that end of the story. The end? Did the kangaroo spoil everything? And a kangaroo would not spoil everything, but I want you to know where kangaroos live. Kangaroos don't live in Australia, kangaroos live in Australia not Africa? And the end. That is not a story that is just a question. Would you please sing it out-loud? If you lived here you would have to travel to travel to Australia. Mama would you please put in a question mark? And then you can be a big hungry bear and you might get surprises, you might get posted into blog. You will turn into a duplex and will you not be a kangaroo? You will be a duplex and just drive your truck away to the central island of the city. Some islands are eventually cities and you can go on a boat to see them. You might see the central island of the Sis-sis and brothers. The end.

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