Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amensty Day and bunnies

I hope you had a good weekend. I enjoyed my weekend. I left the computer off for most of the weekend. I only turned it on after the kids went to bed, when I needed to make sure I was current on blogging.

We did have some excitement when we were cleaning out an old metal shed for our city's amnesty day. Our dogs stirred up some baby rabbits. I was in the house working on lunch, when I saw something that looked like a mouse running towards the house, one of the dogs was chasing something else and everyone was very excited. I decided to go out there and see how I could help. My husband was able to get rescue one bunny from a dog. I was able to keep away dogs and rescue two bunnies. We got the doors to the shed shut and the dogs shut up in the garage. I checked the bunny my husband rescued and it seemed to just have a surface scratch. We put the bunnies in an old flower pot and my daughter decided she was going to be in charge of the bunnies.

I continued to work on lunch while my husband called different people to see if they could care for the bunnies. We found a local lady who could come and pick up the bunnies; she told us we needed to go look for more. The average litter size is 6-8. We found six more in the shed and they were much larger than the first three. The lady and her children came and our shed bunnies are now safely being cared for. And we are that much closer to getting rid of our shed, now that we have the amnesty day and no more bunnies.

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