Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Packaging Plant Cuttings

Question- I like to give plant cuttings to other people. What is the best way to package them?
I love to give plant cuttings. When I give people plant cuttings I wet a tissue or paper towel around the bottom of the stem. Then I wrap aluminum foil around the bottom of the stem so there is no leak. In colder weather I like to wrap the entire cutting in several layers of newspaper for insulation, so the plants won't die in the cold. Sometimes I like to put the whole thing into a plastic bag that can be shut with a twist-tie if it will be a number of hours before the cutting will be planted.


  1. I think the plastic bag idea is best. Keeps it warm and saves water from evaporation do to it condensating on the side of the bag and then running down again.

  2. Hi. I was thinking a plastic wrap with rubber band around the stem. Come visit our suburban garden blog sometime. We miss you. :)