Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do Temperatures Vary within Your House?

Temperatures DO Vary within a Room

I have found that the temperatures in a room are different. The thermometer on the outside wall shows one temperature and another one on the inner wall is at least one degree warmer. Our thermostat in the living room is even different that other rooms in the house. This past winter our kitchen temperature was three degrees cooler than the thermostat.

Have you ever noticed how much warmer it is in the window compared to the rest of the room? I bet your plants have noticed. The windowsill can be much warmer during the day than at night.

One reason why I have set my thermostat to the same temperature all of the time, so the house is more evenly heated. If I have the thermostat set at the same temperature all the time it is much better for my plants. I tried adjusting the thermostat to be more energy efficient one time and all of my plants almost died. One thing I had to do this winter was to actually move my AeroGarden with tomatoes into a window. It needed the extra light and the daytime warmth of the window. The nighttime coolness didn’t seem to bother the tomatoes.

When choosing plants I would check to see what their best lighting and temperatures are and then you can choose the best area in your house. Check your plants often to make sure they are growing properly. Enjoy your plants!

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