Friday, January 25, 2013

Organizing School Papers

We are now halfway through the school year!  Are your children’s school papers stacking up in their rooms, living room, and mudrooms?  There is a solution to all of those papers.

Designate A Space- Find a place for temporary storage (I would say 6 months).  You can use fancy cardboard boxes, plain cardboard boxes, fabric bins, wire bins, plastic totes…the possibilities are endless.  You also need to decide where you want to keep them: closet, desk, children’s bedroom, etc..

Label Their Work- When your children are done with their work or they bring it home, make sure they write their names and dates on the back.  If they are too young, then you will need to do it for them.

Go Through the Papers- You will need to decide when you will go through the papers, whether it is every six or twelve month or even sooner.  I would have the children go through the papers with you, because they are the ones who will have it when they grown.  You can keep your favorites though!

And remember to have fun when you are organizing.  Smile

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