Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Read Aloud Tuesday- January 21, 2013

We read a lot of books to our selves and out-loud for school and recreation.  These are the books we are reading this week for school.

Heaven’s Heroes by David Shibley-  This books discusses the lives of some of our greatest missionaries.  The children and I enjoy learning about people we have never heard of before.  This is a book we have been reading this year for school.  This week we are going to be reading about Warren Shibley, David Shibley’s father.

Davy Crockett- Young Rifleman by Aileen Wells Park- This book is a part of the Childhood of Famous Americans series.  We are enjoying learning about his life as a young boy.  When we are done with the book we are going to watch some of the Disney episodes on YouTube.

The Wright Brothers by Quentin Reynolds- This book is part of the Landmark Books series.  We have been enjoying learning a lot about these two brothers.  The children are always asking me to read more.  We have been watching documentaries about the Wright brothers and it also fun learning more.

I can’t wait to tell you next week what we are reading.

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  1. I love Heaven's Heroes! The other two sound great too, as I love, love biographies...

    I need to get to that point in history again. So many cool books...