Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“Penny Jar Chore” Changes Needed

I needed a way to get the children to do their chores, so my husband and I came up with “Penny Jar Chores.” 

My husband and I thought up a number of chores that they could do to earn pennies.  Some of those chores were, making beds, getting dressed, feeding and watering dogs, brushing hair, etc.  We decided that when B and C had earned $1.25 in pennies that the money would be given to their Sabbath School classes.  B and C would also earn a special activity with us, such as going to the park, going to a museum, or playing a video game.

“Penny Jar Chores” has been going pretty well for us, but I am looking to change it.  I want the children to become more involved in their desire to do their chores.  I want them to want to earn the money, so they can give the money to people who need it.  My new idea is to have the children earn a total of $25, then they can choose where they would like the money to go.  Some ideas I have had are- World Vision, Heifer International, locally, or missionaries who need help reaching their launch goal.

I could use some ideas or thoughts.  What are yours?

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