Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unholy Hunger by Heather James

Unholy Hunger (Lure of the Serpent, Book 1) by Heather James

Genre- Christian / Fiction / Suspense

Published by- Kregel Books

Copyrighted- 2013

Number of pages- 272

Age Group- Adult (women probably more than men)

Description of book- paperback, listed price- $13.99, ISBN 978-0-8254-4291-9

Evelyn, a successful attorney, is looking for answers.  She is looking for justice, her version, because her daughter has been murdered.  She is not listening to her family or the supernatural nudges.  She is following the stench of evil.  Will she find the killer?  Will she listen to the nudges and her family?

Excerpt from the book!

Book Trailer the Author-

 Heather James is a newspaper columnist and attorney.  Her website is,  She is married and has two sons.


 My thoughts-

When I was finished reading this book I was both drained and encouraged.  I was glad of the conclusion.  I was drained, because of the agony that Evelyn felt because of her daughter’s murder.  It was almost too much for me.  I couldn’t believe how crazy Evelyn became when she was trying to find the person who killed her daughter and the way she treated her family.  I was encouraged that by the end of the book she realizes how much her husband, Eddie, loves her.

I am glad she realizes how God has been speaking to her and has been trying to keep her from doing crazy things.  I hope that she realizes that nudges from God are important.  I hope we all can remember that.

This book is about a sad subject, but it was well written and helps me realize that I need to pay attention to nudges from God and never turn from Him.  I recommend it.  I’m looking to see what happens in book two.

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